Building coordinator

General responsibilities

  • Consults with the UC Davis Police Department as necessary regarding the nature of the emergency and what emergency measures are appropriate to implement including whether to lock the building, stairwell doors, or the elevator
  • Oversees the evacuation (may designate others to assist with these responsibilities):

-Posts people near entrances until emergency personnel arrive to assure that no one reenters the building (These individuals will be relieved of their duties when emergency personnel arrive.)

-Receives reports from floor coordinators that each floor is evacuated and follows up with appropriate personnel in locating those missing

-Monitors evacuation outside and assists as necessary

  • Communicates with emergency coordinator assistant to provide information to the building residents regarding assembly areas, roll calls, or shelter options in inclement weather (Chemistry Annex)
  • Determines whether or not alternate work areas will be available or gives authorization to send employees home

Communications responsibilities

  • Implements communication and security plans
  • Schedules annual meetings with emergency coordinators to review emergency procedures and communication plan

Emergency coordinator assistant

General responsibilities

  • Shares information with Mrak Hall emergency coordinators, consistent with the building communication plan (see Section 4, Communications Plan)
  • Maintains a listserv for the emergency coordinators
  • Updates and distributes the list of emergency coordinators
  • Maintains a Web site with the manual contents and other helpful information
  • Schedules emergency coordinator meetings and annual fire drills
  • Ensures that building procedures are reviewed and updated as needed
  • Retains copies of department emergency plans for the building

Communications responsibilities

  • Communicates general information via the listserv to the floor and department emergency coordinators
  • Notifies the coordinators by telephone for immediate emergency information, such as unexpected situations or power outages
  • Contacts someone else in the department if email messages are returned or telephone calls are not answered

Floor coordinator

General responsibilities

  • General duties:

-Maintains roll call list

Evacuation Responsibilities

  • During evacuation of the building:

-Exits building with the list of units and head for your department’s designated meeting place

-Coordinates activities at the emergency evacuation site for his or her floor

-Relays known situations to the building coordinator or Fire/Police (whomever you see first)

-Informs building coordinator of the circumstances and severity of an emergency, in the event the emergency is located on the floor coordinator’s designated floor

-Conducts roll call at the evacuation meeting area for all units on his or her floor, in order to ensure that all employees are safely evacuated and accounted for

-Accounts for all known persons on the floor that day by polling department coordinators and querying staff as they arrive at the department meeting place

-Relays roll call and personnel information to the building coordinator via walkie talkie

-Makes sure all department coordinators have received emergency information by radio or in person

Communications responsibilities

  • Creates and maintain a list of their floor’s departments or units and designated department coordinators
  • Informs alternates of their role in the floor coordinator’s absence, so they will act quickly to relay information in an emergency

NOTE: The floor coordinator or alternate cannot be the same person as a department coordinator or alternate.

Department coordinator

General responsibilities

  • General duties:

-Maintains current staff list and gives one copy to floor coordinator

-Informs their alternates of planned absences, so the alternates will act quickly to relay information in an emergency

-Maintains emergency supplies (such as first aid kits and flashlights) in good working order

-Distributes the Mrak Hall Emergency Plan and any other information from the building coordinator (e. g., announcements, updates) to department personnel

-Reviews the department out-of-office calendar each morning to have a general idea of who is absent; the alternate should be aware if the coordinator is absent. Ensures department evacuation plans are current and submits to the Emergency Coordinator Assistant annually

-Maintains "phone trees" for major emergencies occurring after hours

Evacuation responsibilities

  • Communicates emergency instructions to department personnel
  • Physically inspects and “sweeps” all assigned work spaces to make sure they are vacated, and assists personnel in evacuation
  • Assists handicapped personnel
  • Reports to the floor coordinator the nature of the emergency in the department area, if known
  • Reports attendance to floor coordinator during emergency
  • Ensures that everyone has left the department, doors are unlocked (if possible) and closed (You may designate specific persons to assist with evacuation procedures, including: guiding persons to exits and assembly areas; checking offices, file rooms, department conference rooms, and other areas; and taking roll)
  • If needed, deploys plastic tarps to protect equipment or files from water damage
  • If anyone is missing after roll call, notifies the building coordinator or emergency personnel
  • Assists injured persons or persons with disabilities:
    • Ask how you can best help them. Persons who are unable to exit by the stairs can use the elevator except in case of fire or earthquake.
    •  If the elevator cannot be used, assist them (if you can) to one of the following areas until help comes:
      • Basement - Two choices: leave them in front of the elevator OR through the doors leading up the central stairs to the immediate right. This is an "Area of Refuge" since it has space without blocking the stairs, sprinklers overhead and a high fire rating.
      • 1st Floor - Evacuate out the north (back) doors since there is ramp access outside to the west (left) towards the parking lot.
      • Floors 2-5 - Leave them in front of the elevator.
    • Once outside, quickly notify the Building Coordinator or emergency personnel if injured or disabled persons are waiting for assistance and direct them to the location.

NOTE: Floor coordinator/alternate cannot be same person as the department coordinator/alternate.

Department head

General responsibilities

  • Designates emergency coordinators

  - Submits both a department coordinator and an alternate to the emergency coordinator assistant in the Offices of the Chancellor and Provost 

  - Ensures that the department coordinator or alternate is informed of and accepts his or her responsibilities

  • Maintains a department emergency plan 

 - Develops procedures to meet special circumstances in the department, such as protecting or securing confidential records, evacuating conference rooms,  or securing computer backup tapes

 - Ensures that a "phone tree" for major emergencies occurring after hours is created, and provides copies to the department coordinator

  • Educates the department

 - Provides training and education to coordinators and other employees, and ensures each employee is familiar with this manual

 - Provides each new employee a copy of this manual, including the department emergency plan, as part of the department's orientation process


General responsibilities

  • Informs department coordinators of all emergency situations and follows any forthcoming instructions
  • Regularly reviews the department emergency plan, and directs any questions to the department coordinator for explanation
  • Participates in training and evacuation drills