Communications Plan

Building Coordinator (May designate others to assist with these responsibilities)

· Implements communication and security plans

· Communicates general information via the listserv to the floor and department emergency coordinators

· Notifies the coordinators by telephone for immediate emergency information, such as unexpected situations or power outages

· Contacts someone else in the department if email messages are returned or telephone calls are not answered

· Meets with coordinators and alternates annually to make sure they are familiar with evacuation procedures and designated meeting area

Floor Coordinators

· Maintains a list of their floor’s departments or units and designated department coordinator

· Informs alternates of their role in the floor coordinator’s absence, so they will act quickly to relay information in an emergency

Department Coordinators

· Distributes the Mrak Hall Emergency Plan and any other information from the building coordinator (e.g., announcements, updates) to department personnel

· Informs their alternates of planned absences, so the alternates will act quickly to relay information in an emergency

· Establishes (If not already done) and maintains "phone trees" for major emergencies occurring after hours

NOTE: Floor coordinator/alternate cannot be same person as the department coordinator/alternate.