Radio Checks

In order to maintain users’ comfort with radio use, and to ensure that all radios on the network are functioning properly, the Net Leader will perform a radio check as needed. A radio check is a request from the sender for a reception report on his or her transmission from all requested stations. The radio check also enables the originator of the radio check to determine the reception levels of the users. The radio check is completed when the originator has confirmed reception with all requested stations.

Radio checks are good opportunities to determine which areas in the building have reception problems. Some areas, such as the basement and some interior offices, are known to have spotty reception. If you know you have difficulty receiving a signal in your area, walk around during the session and see if you can identify better reception areas. If at any time you believe your radio is malfunctioning, or if you need to brush-up on radio skills, you can request to perform a radio check with the Net Leader or another coordinator.

A radio check will be initiated by an email alerting users that the check is about to begin. Coordinators or their alternates should keep their radios nearby during that time. The Net Leader will send someone to check on any users who do not answer. The users will be asked to report in the same order they are listed on the Mrak Coordinators list.

Example of a Radio Check

Net Leader: All stations on this net, this is Carmen, fifth floor. I’m doing the radio check now. Bonnie, do you read?

User 1: This is Bonnie. I read you loud and clear.

Net Leader: Thanks Bonnie. Roxie, this is Net Leader, do you read?

User 2: Carmen, this is Roxie. I hear you fine, over.

Net Leader: O.k. Carmen.