In the event of an earthquake

In the event of an earthquake, take cover under a desk or table, or in a doorway or corner. Stay away from glass windows and display cases, and from outside walls. If you are in a crowded public area, do not rush for the doors.

After the shock subsides, do not evacuate unless instructed to do so. If the decision is made to evacuate, follow the evacuation instructions in Section 6, Evacuation. Stay clear of buildings and trees.

Notify the Fire/Police Communications Center at 9-1-1 if there are serious injuries or hazards. Refer to Section 11, Fire and Section 12, Medical Emergency.

Notify the Facilities Service Call Center (752-1655) if there are water leaks, the smell of gas or smoke, flooding, or other damage that requires immediate attention; do not enter flooded areas.

Stay away from areas where aftershocks might jar debris.

If the earthquake was small or did no serious damage, continue normal activities.