Medical Emergency

Major injury or medical emergency

  • If a person is severely injured, suffers a serious illness or medical emergency, or is unconscious:

- Clear the immediate area around the person. Do not move the victim unless there is a life-threatening situation. In case of illness, ask the victim whether he/she has medication.

- Call the Fire/Police Communications Center at 9-1-1 to request assistance. Give your name and location, describe the situation, and tell the dispatcher that someone will meet emergency personnel outside the south entrance to Mrak Hall or another designated location. Do not hang up until the dispatcher instructs you to do so.

  • If the victim is unable to communicate, look for a Medic Alert tag around the wrist or neck. If there is a tag, convey this information to the dispatcher.
  • If immediate emergency care is necessary, a trained person may administer emergency medical care until emergency personnel arrive.

Minor injury

  • If necessary, a person trained in first aid may administer immediate care.
  • If the injured person is an employee, refer him or her to Occupational Health Clinic (752-6051),
    Cowell Building, and arrange for transportation if necessary.
  • If the injured person is a student, refer him or her to the Student Health and Wellness Center (752-2349), and arrange for transportation if necessary.
  • If the injured person is not a University employee, suggest that private medical attention be sought and arrange for transportation if necessary.