Bomb Threat

Bomb Threat Instructions

If you receive a bomb threat on your telephone, signal a coworker via a prearranged signal (for example, by waving the ‘Bomb Threat Checklist’). If you receive the call on an ETS telephone, look at the display and write down the number from which the suspect is calling.

The signal should alert your coworker to immediately call the Fire/Police Communications Center at 9-1-1 and say:

"Emergency. We have a bomb threat being called in on phone #________________ . The suspect is calling from phone #_____________________________ " (if you have the ETS phone that displays this information).

Do not hang up.

Use the ‘Bomb Threat Checklist’ to obtain as much information as you can from the suspect. Write the information down on the Checklist. Try to keep the caller on the line as long as possible.

When the caller hangs up, your coworker should still have the Police on the telephone. Use your coworker's phone and give the Police all the information you have about the call. Do not hang up until the Police tell you to do so.

Notify your department emergency coordinator and the department head.

Do not search for the bomb, but do report any unusual or suspicious objects to the police. Particularly note your work area since you are most familiar with it. Do not touch any unfamiliar objects.

Do not attempt to evacuate the building. The decision to evacuate will be made by the department head and/or the building coordinator in consultation with the Police.

If the decision is made to evacuate, follow the evacuation instructions in Section 6, Evacuation.