Department Emergency Plan

Department Emergency Plan Development Guidelines

Departments are required to develop and maintain a department emergency plan that covers the following:

(1) all the locations under the department’s jurisdiction, and

(2) all the locations where employees have regular work assignments

The department emergency plan also includes a recovery plan, which identifies critical tasks for each location that must be performed during emergencies if time permits (e.g., shutting down equipment, saving computer files, locking cash drawers, protecting research or historic materials).

For additional details on Emergency Management and Mission Continuity, see their website at

All Mrak Hall departments must complete the department plan form and send a copy via email to the building coordinator with a copy to the emergency coordinator assistant. The department plan information should also be provided to all employees to enable them to respond to an emergency in a prompt and orderly manner.

In addition, departments should maintain a "phone tree" listing of current department members and their contact information in the event that a major emergency occurs after hours or on the weekend and the department needs to notify employees.

Department Emergency Plan Form


Floor and room:______________________________________________________________________________

Floor coordinators:

_______________________________________________ Phone:______________ Email:________________

_______________________________________________ Phone:______________ Email:________________

Department coordinators:

_______________________________________________ Phone:______________ Email:________________

_______________________________________________ Phone:______________ Email:________________

Roll call taken by:

_______________________________________________ Phone:______________ Email:________________

Fire alarm location:

Fire extinguisher location:

First aid location:

Emergency exit location(s) (see floor plans):

Use the _______________________________________________________________________ stairway/door.

Alternate exit:

Outside meeting area (see map):

Critical tasks (recovery plan):

Special instructions (for specific areas or tasks):